ABAP SP5 on HANA is out

Cloud Appliiance Library has been updated with SP5. This is a big release as it has lot of “code push down” features.

Performance Worklist Tool: The SQL Performance Worklist (Transaction: SWLT) allows you to correlate SQL runtime data with ABAP code analysis to plan optimizations using results from the new SQLMonitor and CodeInspector.

CDS Viewbuilding: CDS Viewbuilding is drastically improving the existing viewbuilding mechanisms in ABAP.

Extended OpenSQL: Open SQL has been enhanced with new features, especially a lot of limitations have been removed, the JOIN functionality has been enhances as have been arithmetical and string expressions.

ABAP managed Database Procedures (AMDP): AMDPs enables you to create database procedures directly in ABAP using e.g. SQL Script and to seamlessly integrate it in modern ABAP development. An AMDP can be implemented using an ABAP method. 

And then there are additions to ABAP.

– MOVE-CORRESPONDING for Internal Tables : No longer RTTI required for such activities.

and some more:

Expressions and Functions

Table Comprehensions


Open SQL additions

Links :



Two more enhancements with the solution from CAL ( Cloud Appliance Library ) :

– Front End provided  , installation of eclipse and HANA studio no longer mandatory e.g. if you have a mac.

– BW is present in the same system.


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