Many a times the HANA instance doesn’t work even though CAL shows green status. We can try just restarting or use the below steps.

  1. Connect to the instance via putty
  2. On the command prompt please execute cat /etc/hosts
    and check if the ip address of the instance is correctly mapped to the hostname
  3. Switch user via command: su – a4hadm
  4. Execute the commands: 
    ABAP status:  sapcontrol -nr 00 -function GetProcessList
    HANA status: sapcontrol -nr 02 -function GetProcessList
  5. If everything is green you have a connectivity problem this means SAP GUI can’t connect via
    your VPN connection to the instance.
  6. If either of the services shows gray or not green, you have to option to restart the complete
    instance via the CAL console or you refer to the description in paragraph 8.2
    of the document
    which describes how you manually start and stop the services.



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